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Diez & Associates, LLC is an experienced Myrtle Beach, SC CPA firm that makes our clients' financial welfare our top priority. We are dedicated to creating accounting solutions and reducing tax liabilities for every client. From new ventures to long-established businesses to individuals, we provide a high level of service to every client.

Our approach to accounting services is all about value. We offer the skills and expertise of a large CPA firm combined with the personal attention and responsiveness of a smaller firm. When you partner with us, we take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, and build an enduring professional relationship. We invite you to turn to us for bookkeeping services, financial projections, tax planning strategies, and all your business accounting needs.

Diez & Associates, LLC is right where you need us to be in Myrtle Beach, SC. Request your free consultation through our website or call 843-712-2719 and get started now.

Nick Diez

Nick Diez

After graduating in 1977 from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama I worked for some large local CPA firms in Mobile. As my knowledge and experience increased I was able to achieve greater responsibility for fulfilling client needs and ultimately accepted a position with a large national CPA firm whose office was in Mobile. During my time with those firms I was very fortunate to be taught accounting, auditing, tax and consulting skills by some of the brightest minds I have worked with.

After several years with that firm, I accepted a position with a large regional firm in Mobile. During that time I was able to manage many large clients including publicly held enterprises and large governmental authorities. In 1988 I was offered a partnership position with the firm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which I accepted. During that time I was the “partner in charge” of the office and responsible for all matters including finance, personnel, marketing compliance and everything else that accompanies the position. In 1991 I acquired the local practice from the firm for whom I was working at the time. Since that time – I have been practicing public accounting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Most of our clients are small to medium sized businesses located in coastal South Carolina. We also provide professional services to individuals – however, most of those individuals are either affiliated with a business with whom we work or have more complex tax or business matters that require our experience and knowledge. Our firm is comprised of only 3 individuals. In addition to myself, the other 2 individuals are both staff accountants with many years experience. By design – we limit our personnel to highly qualified tax and accounting staff – which allows a great deal of professionalism and a high level of communication between us and our clients. We also believe that this business model is the most effective and efficient for us and for our clients.

Although we have substantial experience in quite a large number of industries and professional services, in recent years we have focused our attention on providing tax, accounting and consulting services to small businesses in our area. We particularly enjoy working with businesses to help them implement and maintain efficient and effective accounting systems. Almost exclusively, we recommend web-based systems and work with our clients to integrate any applications that may be appropriate for their particular industry.

Because of our extensive experience and because we have excellent technology, we're able to offer a high level of service at reasonable rates.